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Gosh I absolutely loved this story!
I'd check newgrounds everyday waiting for a new episode to come out!
I can't believe this is the last episode tho * cries *
It was just ugh I loved every moment. This story line amazing and it definitely something I am going to re-read all over again just for the hell of it.
Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! I have a lot of cool ideas for future projects :-)

This was so cool! I really enjoyed it and I was so caught off guard when Nick was punched in the face. There were moments when it came down to the choices I beat around the bush and other moments I was blunt. I really really enjoyed playing this. And something that really got me thinking was at the end when it said
" You chose the truth last. What does that say about you? "
I was actually trying to figure that out. I honestly didn't know it said about me. I just wanted to hear the lie, than half the truth than get all the facts.

I really enjoyed the game and I chose to stay with my family and when I went to work to days later I was murdered because of it.

Its a shame how John is killed for choosing family over the world.

Okay well I like the idea of the game and it looks all cute and stuff but it freezes to much. And you should make the numbers of customers a big smaller because you got start and already like 4 or 5 all come in behind each other. Making it hard to serve people. As you progress in the game then that's when you should have the number of customers pick up.

vortexstudios responds:

can you send which browser are you using?
we found some problems in IE and Firefox...

It's a okay game just need some work done. It's hard to read the rules because the print is to small and you have is all bunched up. You'll have to fix that now if you can fix all the bugs and probs in it I'm sure this game would be awesome

It's kinda boring to tell the truth. I don't really see where the plot is for the whole thing and after 2 or 3 rounds of clicking, it gets annoying. It's kinda cute but really boring. If it had a plot or something I believe it could be better

TheNavigat responds:

After 2 or 3 rounds it gets more challenging, for others at least, those who I saw them playing it. They say "If tastes were the same, goods would wear out". Thanks for your review, I really appreciate it. :)

The game is rather fun no it's very fun but the problem is I followed the walk thought step by step but in the end the potion never works :( But besides that the game is amazing and well thought out. Good Job ^^

So awesome

I really enjoyed the game but what really sucked was you risk your life to find your husband or wife come to find out they got bitten at the hospital you take them with you anyway and at the end of it all in the middle of the freaken water the boat your on with you husband or wife stops and you hear a growl that really bits but over all the game was freaking awesome!

This game

This game it so awesome. I love every moment of it =3

Best game ever

This is the best game I've ever played on my first try I got a A and a A+!
I hope you make more games like this one! =3

Hey there, I'm not gonna tell my real name but you can call me Lizzy or Shualee. I'm nice and random I'm from DeviantArt and I love to draw and write. I am super kind and I will always try my very best to help!

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