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Shualee's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 550 (From 95 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 7,390 Points

Roto Rate

Medals Earned: 3/11 (20/95 points)

Epic Fail 5 Points

Just die!

Just One 5 Points

Destroy one meteor!

Collector 10 Points

Collect 25 bullets at the same time

Sandwich VS Bagel

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/230 points)

Die 5 Points


Skunk Meat

Medals Earned: 6/6 (175/175 points)

Ash 25 Points

Ash survived!

Phil 25 Points

Phil survived!

Rodney 25 Points

Rodney survived!

Sydney 25 Points

Sydney survived!

Vivica 25 Points

Vivica survied. :/

Everyone 50 Points

Holy crap, they all made it!

Slender Survival

Medals Earned: 7/10 (130/330 points)

First Note 5 Points

Find your first note.

RUN! 5 Points

He saw you, run away!

Five Notes 10 Points

Find five notes!

Ten Notes 10 Points

Find 10 notes before slenderman gets you

Fifteen Notes 25 Points

Find 15 notes notes before you go insane!

Twenty Notes 25 Points

You have a lot of reading to do.

Twenty-Five Notes 50 Points

Oops you dropped a book...

Smoking Zombies

Medals Earned: 4/22 (20/165 points)

10 times 5 Points

Survived 10 waves

Donkey Pieces 5 Points

Blew up a dead-alive donkey

Multi 5 5 Points

Got a x5 Multiplier

Multi 9 5 Points

Got a x9 Multiplier

Stealing the Diamond

Medals Earned: 4/11 (160/435 points)

01100010 10 Points

6d 69 73 73 69 6e 67 6e 6f 0d 0a

Aggressive Ending 50 Points

Win the aggressive way

Epic Ending 50 Points

Win the epic way

Undetected Ending 50 Points

Win the undetected way

Super Idle Imagination

Medals Earned: 15/15 (620/620 points)

Selling Your Soul 5 Points

Find and abuse the familiar mechanic

Against The Odds 10 Points

Receive a positive review from FlashChaz

The Abortionist 10 Points

Receive a positive review from Wayne Marsh

Transcendence 10 Points

Receive a positive review from Danish Goel

Voice Of Reason 10 Points

Receive a positive review from Shock-Dingo

Flappy Turd 25 Points

Take 25 poos

Idle Hard 25 Points

Increase your chances of winning an award

Why...Why?! 25 Points

Develop 75 games with Auto mode disabled


Enter the brain

Fifty Fifty 50 Points

Get lucky on the one arm bandit

Honours Idle 50 Points

Win 50 awards - the only true recognition of talent

Trifecta Of Idleness 50 Points

Develop 3 Idle versions of FlashChaz games

Cosmosis 100 Points

Realize a universal truth

Kill Me Now 100 Points

Develop 250 games with Auto mode disabled

Shovelwaring You Out 100 Points

Churn out 800 games

Tentacle Wars

Medals Earned: 16/20 (255/455 points)

Level 01 5 Points

It's time to learn some tricks

Level 02 5 Points

Team: step back then protect front line

Level 03 5 Points

Dominate! This is your only salvation

Level 04 5 Points

Cut! In the right place, at the right time

Level 05 10 Points

Master the craft of war

Level 06 10 Points

What a huge life form!

Level 07 10 Points

Your enemies - are enemies to each other

Level 08 10 Points

Get out of my corner

Level 09 10 Points

Try walking in their shoes

Level 10 10 Points

Is this place safe to hide forever?

Level 11 25 Points


Level 12 25 Points

Quick Victory: finish with him as soon as possible

Level 13 25 Points

This should be easy

Level 14 25 Points

Neutral wall

Level 15 25 Points

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Level 16 50 Points

Run as fast as you can

The Abusive Review Quiz

Medals Earned: 4/9 (45/355 points)

Garbage 5 Points

Terrible Game

Normal 5 Points

Bad Game

Bronze 10 Points

Good Game

Silver 25 Points

Nice Game

The Bar - Chapter 1

Medals Earned: 1/1 (10/10 points)

Chapter Complete 10 Points

Complete the first chapter of The Bar